Concrete building of the year finalists

This year's concrete building will be selected under the leadership of the Estonian Concrete Association this spring. Let's take a look at the current applicants.
The deadline for submission of entries was December 1st, last year, and the nominations could be buildings - buildings and facilities that were delivered to clients in 2014.
The object or procedure wins, where a significant work has been done by registered enterpriser in Estonia and used concrete materials delivered from Estonia. In this regard, it is important that the object does not necessarily need to be physically located in Estonia.
The jury includes representatives from the Estonian Association of Architects, the Estonian Concrete Association, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, the Estonian Association of Construction Entities, the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association, the Estonian Project Bureaus Association, the Kunda Nordic Cement and construction journalists.

"Concrete building of the year 2014" applicants

Dirham's recreational craft production and maintenance base, guest house and fishing industry production building
A building complex based on a complex and carefully selected finished concrete building in the Dirham port area.
Location: Dirham, Läänemaa county
Customer: Mellson Grupp OÜ
Architecture: Liis Projekt OÜ, Maaja Niisuke
Developer: E-Betoonelement AS
Builder: Raua Ehitus OÜ
Concrete work: E-Betoonelement AS
Concrete Products Supplier: E-Betoonelement AS

Jõestepõllu trout growing
Specific technological building from concrete.
Location: Rutikvere village, Koigi municipality, Järvamaa county
Customer: Lapavira OÜ
Constructor: Mellson Grupp OÜ, Aivar Vahtel
Builder: HR Restauraator OÜ
Concrete work: HR Restauraator OÜ
Concrete supplier: Betoonimeister AS.

Embassy building of the Republic of Estonia in Beijing
Over 6,000 kilometers from a completely different cultural space, the unique work of Estonian architects and engineers has resulted in a unique object that is different from other buildings in the area.
Location: Beijing, China
Customer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Architecture: Arhitektibüroo Studio-3 OÜ, Andres Põime, Lauri Vaimel, interior designer Liisa Põime
Constructor: Estkonsult OÜ
Builder: Alpine Mayreder Construction Co., Ltd
Concrete work: Beijing Zulin Formwork & Scaffolding Co., Ltd, konsultant Aivars Alt (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool)
Concrete supplier: Longyuan Decorating Materials Company, China State Constuction Engineering Co., Ltd
Formwork: Beijing Zulin Formwork & Scaffolding Co., Ltd

Kiisa Emergency Power Plant
It is known that no openable concrete wall was previously designed in Estonia - it was necessary for Kisal to receive multi-tons machinery if necessary from the power plant.
Location: Kiisa, Saku municipality, Harjumaa county
Customer: Elering AS
Aarchitecture: Wärtsilä Finland OY
Developer: E-Betoonelement AS
Builder: Wärtsilä Finland OY
Concrete work: E-Betoonelement AS
Concrete Products Supplier: E-Betoonelement AS

Aapartment building in Pirita
A building with a special design with balconies imitating sea lanes.
Location: Pirita road 26, Tallinn
Tellija: Metro Kapital OÜ
Architecture: Asum Arhitektid, Henno Sillaste, Sander Aas
Developer: E-Inseneribüroo OÜ
Builder: Nordecon AS
Supplier of concrete products: Lasbet Tootmine AS.

Aapartment buildings in Kosemetsa road
A building with a distinctive, basic layout and appearance, monolithic walls, spacing and roofing. Fitted with reinforced concrete inner winding stairs.
Location: Kosemetsa road 11/13/14, Tallinn
Customer: Kosemetsa OÜ
Architecture: Salto AB OÜ
Constructor: Estkonsult OÜ
Builder: Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg AS
Concrete work: Savekate OÜ
Concrete and concrete products suppliers: HC Betoon AS, Rudus AS, Kiili Betoon OÜ, Muuga Betoonelement AS.

Parking house at Ülemiste City
The main challenge for the project, for the contractor, the designer and the builder, was to reconcile the new and old building with a constructive, aesthetic and functional approach.
Location: Valukoja 4 C, Ülemiste, Tallinn
Customer: Tehnopolis Ülemiste AS
Aechitecture: Novarc Group AS, Ilmar Klammer
Developer: Nordecon Betoon OÜ, Andrei Kervališvili
Builder: Nordecon Betoon OÜ
Concrete work: Nordecon Betoon OÜ
Supplier of concrete: HC Betoon AS
Formwork: Doka Eesti OÜ.

Physicum, University of Tartu Institute of Physics building
The external crust is a concrete treated with a solution of ferrous sulfate, which has a facture surface that has been obtained through a special application that helps to arrange the building.
Location: Ravila 14 c, Tartu
Customer: University of Tartu
Architecture: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ, Stuudio Tallinn OÜ
Developer: Pikoprojekt OÜ, Tari AS
Builder: Astlanda Ehitus OÜ
Concrete work: Savekate OÜ
Concrete and products from concrete supplier: TMB Element OÜ, TM Betoon OÜ.

Tallinn´s Rescue Depot and General Alarm Centre
The exterior facade of the building is transformed into specially designed reinforced concrete elements molded with wooden patterns, imitating charred surfaces.
Location: Osmussaare road 2, Tallinn
Customer: Riigi Kinnisvara AS
Aarchitecture: Kuu OÜ, Joel Kopli ja Amhold AS, Jane Teresk
Developer: Amhold AS
Builder: Ramm Ehituse OÜ
Concrete work: Ramm Ehituse OÜ
Supplier of concrete products: E-Betoonelement AS

Tondiraba Ice hall
In the building, special solutions are used for casting concrete, which does not exist in conventional developments.
Location: Varraku 14, Tallinn
Customer: Tallinn Sports and Youth Office
Architecture: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ
Developer: Civen OÜ, Novarc Group AS
Builder: Merko Infra AS, Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Concrete work: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Supplier of the concrete and concrete products: Rudus AS, HC Betoon AS, E-Betoonelement AS
Formwork: Peri AS

Old Harbour´s new cruise dock
As a concrete construction, this construction was a major challenge to the construction of a high-rise building in terms of its complex construction conditions and short runtime.
Port of Tallinn, Tallinn
Customer: AS Tallinna Sadam
Developer: Corson OÜ
Builder: AS BMGS Estonian branch house
Concrete work: Insenerehituse AS, Rakennus Grupp OÜ
Supplier of concrete: HC Betoon AS, Betoonimeister AS
Formwork: Peri AS

Vääna manor´s barn
Use of concrete as a modern building material and bold displaying without further refinement in the renovation of a historic building.
Location: Vääna, Harjumaa county
Customer: Vääna Külakoda, Harku Rural municipality government
Aarchitecture: T-Linnaprojekt OÜ, Tiina Linna
Developer: TA-Konsult OÜ, Eero Tuhkanen
Builder: Vanalinna Ehitus OÜ
Concrete work: HR Restauraator OÜ
Supplier of concrete: Betoonimeister AS
Formwork: Peri AS

Extension of Ülemiste Centre
One of the largest shopping center extensions in Estonia, where the building is based on a reinforced concrete frame and many specialty posts, including round posts, have been used.
Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn
Customer: Linstow International, Ülemiste Center OÜ
Aarchitecture: AMB International architects & designers sia, Einar Aakeroy, Lauri Laisaar, Jaanika Ots, Katrin Kõlu
Developer: Novarc Group AS
Builder: Fund Ehitus OÜ
Supplier of concrete products: Lasbet Tootmine AS

AS E-Betoonelement delivers elements for Särevere Bridge

AS E-Betoonelement delivers elements for Särevere Bridge

AS E-Betoonelement has entered into a cooperation agreement with Lemminkainen Eesti AS for designing, manufacturing and delivering elements for the Särevere Bridge.

Kairet Luiga, Manager of Infrastructure Products at AS E-Betoonelement: “It is a bridge with two openings crossing the Pärnu River. Estimated spans are 22 m and 12 m. Openings are constructed using ZIP beams, and the edges of the bridge deck are constructed from monolithic deck slab brackets. This type of solution allows for building jet and drop pipes intended for water drainage underneath the cantilever deck edge without presenting any issues.”

Using prefabricated bridge elements offers several advantages such as the speed of completing works and necessity to construct a minimum number of formworks at the site. “There is no need for temporary supports, and the formwork of the cantilever deck slab is also attached to the outer ZIP beam wall. This minimises the influences on the surroundings caused by the construction of the opening, because in addition to requiring only a little material and few supports at the site, bridge beams are installed quickly from wheels,” Kairet Luiga explains.

E-Betoonelement’s delivery to the objects takes place in April.

Rutja bridge
*Analogous solution was completed for the Rutja Bridge.

AS E-Betoonelement began installation works in Kaagvere

AS E-Betoonelement began installation works in Kaagvere

This week, E-Betoonelement’s installation team began assembling the elements for the Kaagvere school complex.

E-Betoonelement and YIT Ehitus entered into a co-operation agreement with respect to an element solution of the building complex, which includes the design, production and installation of elements for the school buildings. The products include hollow core slabs, beams, posts, socle panels, one- and three-layer wall elements.

Toomas Böttcher, project manager at AS E-Betoonelement: “For this project, the finishing of the exterior wall elements, i.e. the brushed surface oxidised with iron oxide and the brushed surface with black pigment, is a great challenge. The elements are difficult to produce, because no correction to the exterior wall surface can be made in a way that is invisible. The bar is also set high for the logistics team, because the elements need to make it through the long journey without damage.”

Manufacturing drawings for the elements with a few alterations to the construction project are prepared by AS CES.

A student-friendly complex composing of eight buildings that include the main building, family house and six group homes allowing for innovative approach is being built in Kaagvere village, Tartu County.

In addition to the premises necessary for school work, there are also facilities for networking in the school building, rooms for intensive supervision for group members, gyms, staff rooms and a kitchen unit. A soccer field, a multifunctional basketball court and internal and external access roads will be established at the school.

The 3900-square-meter training complex has been designed by the Esplan Architectural and Engineering Office.

Students with psychic and behavioral disorders will be taught in the new complex of Kaagvere School, with the largest number of students planned to be 76.

Sketch of Kaagvere School Complex. Photo Riigi Kinnisvara AS.

Element solution

The school will be opened in autumn 2015.


13 buildings compete at the Concrete Building of the Year competition

13 buildings compete at the Concrete Building of the Year competition

13 buildings have been entered in the Concrete Building of the Year 2014 competition announced by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Association of Construction Material Producers in Estonia.

Kalle Suitslepp, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Company, said: "This year's concrete buildings competition there will be very different buildings, showing clearly the various possibilities of using concrete as one of the most important building materials."

Applicants for the concrete building of the year 2014 are:

  1. Dirham small craft production and maintenance base, guest house and fishing industry production facility– Dirham, Läänemaa county;
  2. The building of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Beijing – Beijing, China;
  3. Jõestepõllu trout farm– Rutikvere village, Koigi municipality, Järvamaa county;
  4. Kiisa Emergency Power Plant – Kiisa, Saku municipality, Harjumaa county;
  5. Apartment building in Pirita – Pirita road 26, Tallinn;
  6. Apartment buildings at Kosemetsa Street – Valukoja 4c, Tallinn;
  7. Parking garage in Ülemiste City– Valukoja 4c, Tallinn;
  8. Physicum, the building of Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu– Ravila 14c, Tartu;
  9. Tallinna Päästedepoo ja Häirekeskuse hoone -Osmussaare tee2 Tallinn;
  10. Tondiraba Ice Hall– Varraku 14, Tallinn;
  11. The new cruise quay at the Old City Harbour– Tallinna sadam, Tallinn;
  12. Stable-coach house at the Vääna Manor – Vääna, Harku municipality, Harjumaa county;
  13. Expansion of Ülemiste Shopping Centre – Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn

The object or procedure wins, where a significant contribution has been made by the work of registered enterprisers in Estonia and concrete materials delivered from Estonia. The choice of winning will also take into account the professionalism and demanding, quality and innovativeness of the design and construction of the site.

The main prize belongs to the author of the winning idea. The contracting entity, the designer, the builder, the concrete and the formwork supplier will be noticed. The winner will be announced on the Concrete Day in March 2015.


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