Betoonelement AS entered into a contract with Ramm Ehituse OÜ (formerly known as TREV-2 Ehituse OÜ) to design, manufacture and deliver prefabricated reinforced concrete structures for construction of a joint building of the Estonian Rescue Board and Emergency Response Centre at Osmussaare tee 2.

We will produce hollow core slabs, HTT slabs, columns, beams, sandwich facades, internal walls, and stairs for the construction project.

Assorted concrete finishes will mostly be used for the facade solution of the project. Outside encasing of the building will have black coloured concrete finish and concrete slabs on its inner sides (located at north side of the building near main entrances) will be coloured red. Special Reckli concrete formliners (1/18 Bornholm) will be used to cast the black slabs.

The building complex of the Estonian Rescue Board and Emergency Response Centre that will be built on the property at Osmussaare tee 2 in Tallinn's Lasnamäe District will be composed of a central 4-story building divided into three functionally separate parts – rescue team of Lasnamäe District of the Estonian Rescue Board, open plan workplace for Emergency Response Centre with rest areas and ancillary premises, and management's section.

The modern joint building will be delivered to its occupants in the autumn of 2014.

E-Betoonelement AS entered into a contract with TTP AS to design, manufacture, deliver and install prefabricated reinforced concrete structures for a construction project at Ranna tee 46a.

A partly underground trade centre and four three-story apartment houses (placed on top of the trade centre) have been projected for the land area of 1.0 ha.

he Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association announced the competition "Concrete building of the year 2013".
The competition is intended to contribute the development of concrete architecture.

"There is a quiet time in the building with Estonian concrete, which gives more time to get up" said the chairman of the board of Estonian Concrete Association. Vaido Leosk.
"The export of Estonian concrete products is becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of concrete products in Estonia.

According to Leosk, the concrete work performed by Estonia has also grown in foreign countries, which again confirms the high professionalism of Estonian specialists.

Buildings - buildings and facilities - which can be submitted to the costumer during 2013 and which have not previously been submitted to the competition, may take part in the Concrete Building Competition.

"This year, we have completed a large number of buildings that can successfully compete in our competition," said the Executive Director of the Estonian Concrete Association Peeter Kokk.  „Betoonehitise konkursi eesmärgiks on tutvustada ja tunnustada õnnestunud betoonehitisi ja nende loojaid laiemalt,” täiendas Kokk.

The object or procedure wins, where a significant contribution has been made by the work of registered enterprisers in Estonia and concrete materials delivered from Estonia.

The main prize belongs to the author of the winning idea.

The jury includes representatives from the Estonian Association of Architects, the Estonian Concrete Association, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, the Estonian Association of Construction Entities, the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association, the Estonian Project Bureaus Association, the Kunda Nordic Cement and construction journalists.

The deadline for submission of entries for the competition is December 1, 2013. a. The winner will be announced on the national Concrete Day in March 2014.
Võitja kuulutatakse välja üleriigilisel Betoonipäeval 2014. aasta märtsis.

The Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association have been organizing a competition for identifying the best concrete constructions for the past thirteen years.

2012. a. Betoonehitis - Tallinna Lennusadama vesilennukite angaari betoonkonstruktsioonide rekonstrueerimine.  Peaauhind - konstruktorid Karl Õiger ja Heiki Onton.

2011. a. Betoonehitis - heliskulptuur Cromatico. Peaauhind – skulptor Lukas Kühne.

2010. a. Betoonehitis - eramu Pirital. Peaauhind – arhitekt Andres Lember, Male Maja OÜ.

2009. a. Betoonehitis - Tallinki büroohoone. Peaauhind – arhitekt Meelis Press.

2008 year Concrete Building - Extension of the Tallinn Airport Terminal. The main prize goes to architect Jean-Marie Bonnard, Sofreavia SA.

2007 year Concrete Building - Puurmani Coil Bridge. The main prize goes to designers Siim Idnurm, Juhan Idnurm.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2006 – office building for Luku-Expert. Grand Prix – architect Hindrek Kesler.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2005 – office building for TTP. Grand Prix – architect Meelis Press.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2004 – Ülemiste Hotel. Grand Prix – architect Martin Aunin.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2003 – villa in Viimsi. Grand Prix – Architectural Bureau Emil Urbel.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2002 – Tartu Prison. Grand Prix – Architectural Bureau Kalle Rõõmus AS.

2001 year Concrete structure - Dry Concrete Terminal in Muuga. The main prize is goes to designer Randväli and Karema AS.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2000 – Rocca al Mare School. Grand Prix – Architectural Bureau Urbel ja Peil.

The Estonian Concrete Association is a union that promotes the use of concrete as a building material for domestic use, which includes 49 enterprises, organizations and private individuals.
The Association of Building Materials Manufacturers Association of Estonia is an union of companies engaged in the production and sale of building materials, which includes 64 companies.

Additional information:

Vaido Leosk, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association
Chairman of the Management Board of AS E-Betoonelement,
Phone: 5047 662; 671 2500; e-mail: 

Peeter Kokk, Managing Director of Estonian Concrete Association Phone: 648 1918; 51 87 198; e-mail:
Telephone: 648 1918; 51 87 198; e-mail: 

Enno Rebane, Managing Director of Estonian Building Material Manufacturers Association
Phone: 648 1918; 51 82 662; e-mail:

Construction companies have seen the foreseeable second half of the year as a minus sign, even if viewed from the side of building materials manufacturers, it seems that the results may be lower than in the previous year. Positive is the export.

In the second quarter of 2013, the production of building materials has remained at the level of the previous year. The half-year is, on the whole, upside down, but at the expense of the first quarter.

About exports, producers of concrete elements have once again been able to find new opportunities to enter the Scandinavian market with their products.

In the first half of the year, the sales turnover of building materials from companies belonging to the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association grew by about 6% to EUR 183 million.

The product groups have different results. Road construction, especially the Tartu-Tallinn highway, has greatly supported the increase in sales of sand. At the same time, the sale of crushed stone is in a small minus.

Exports grew slightly

In the first half of 2013, production was exported for 70 million euro, a bit more than last year.

Most of the output is exported by hole fill producers in Metus-Est and AS Saajos, as well as by manufacturers of concrete elements, AS Lasbet Tootmine and AS Muuga Betoonelement.

More than half of the production was exported from AS Fenestra, AS Saku Metall Uksetehas, OÜ T-Tammer, AS Malmerk Fassaadid and Viking Window, manufacturer of concrete elements AS TMB, limestone products manufacturer AS Nordkalk, manufacturers of aerated concrete products AS Aeroc Jämerä and OÜ VKG Plokk, roof tile supplier OÜ Monier and plastic pipe manufacturer AS Haka Plast.

According to the turnover of enterprises (6 months of 2013, million euros)

The biggest turnover, as well as the biggest export turnover, is Krimelte OÜ, a producer of joint-sealers and building foams.

1. Krimelte OÜ 31,1

2. AS Pipelife Eesti 13

3. AS Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted 11

4. AS Nordkalk 10

5. AS Rudus 9,8

6. AS Metus-Est 8,8

7. AS E-Betoonelement 7,8

8. AS TMB 7,6

9. AS Viking Window 5,4

10. AS Muuga Betoonelement 5,3

AS E-Betoonelement and YIT Ehitus AS have signed a contract on manufacture and delivery of reinforced concrete elements for the construction of Paikuse Sports and Wellness Centre.

We are producing hollow-core slabs, external walls, stairs, grandstand elements, columns, beams and lintels for the object.

Paikuse Sports and Wellness Centre, located in Pärnu County in Paikuse at Paide mnt 19, will be built as an extension of the southwest wing of the primary school. The Sports and Wellness Centre will have a sports hall with ancillary facilities, medical centre, pharmacy, dental office, and in the existing part of the building a library and additional class rooms will be built. The extension will be a two-storey building with the net area of 4465.7 m2.

The building is to be completed in Fall 2014.

AS E-Betoonelement entered into a contract with Merko Ehitus Eesti AS in order to manufacture and transport reinforced concrete elements for the construction of Tondiraba ice arena at the address Varraku St. 14.

For the object we manufacture large patterned columns, tribune beams, tribune panels and walls with a large number of windows that have patterned window frames.

It is a new sports object that will become a large multifunctional sports complex, which will also host internationally important sports events.

The polyfunctional ice arena that holds two training fields, one main arena with a tribune that fits 5,000 people and 1 curling lane will be completed by June next year. The main arena of the ice arena that can host both ball game competitions and concerts and other large events is multifunctional by nature.

The main project of the ice arena was prepared by Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ and EA Reng AS as a result of a design contest.

During the period from 28.02.13 to 30.06.13, the project „Implementing improvement projects associated with increasing production efficiency in Harku factory” was carried out with co-financing from European Social Fund. The grant for public limited company E-Betoonelement was 5,000 euros. The project received...

AS E-Betoonelement has concluded an agreement with OÜ KRTL for producing and delivering prefabricated concrete elements for residential buildings with commercial premises located on the registered immovables at 4 and 6 Mardi Street.

The buildings are going to be constructed on pile foundation. Grillage beams and footings of monolithic concrete will be cast on the piles. Load-bearing walls will predominantly be made of prefabricated wall elements. The wall panels of the basement floor will be one-layer and 200 mm thick. Internal walls of the part of the building above the ground will be one-layer reinforced concrete panels with the thickness of 200 mm.

External walls will be three-layered with the total thickness of 430 mm. The basement and first floor will have prefabricated reinforced concrete columns. The buildings will have load-bearing inserted ceilings made of hollow core slabs with the thickness of 220 mm and in the basement with the thickness from 220 mm to 320 mm. The stairs will be prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.

The facades will be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. In the factory, the elements will be coated with coloured washed concrete. Two main shades will be used - white marble gravel and black granite gravel. Relief elements with multi-colour grey and black finishing will be used on the top floor.

Mardi Majad has been the largest development of residential premises during the recent years in the city centre, which will start in 2013 and will be completed by the end of 2015.

AS E-Betoonelement participates in the construction of an office building following the concept of the first Green Building in Estonia, whose design and construction solutions are nearly twice as energy-efficient as those required by building standards in Estonia.

AS E-Betoonelement designs, manufactures and supplies to the building posts, beams, hollow core slabs, car park wall panels, partitions, stairs.

You will find a more detailed presentation of the building HERE

AS E-Betoonelement projektijuht-müügiinsener Tõnu Ernits: " Loodussõbraliku ehitamise nurgakiviks pole ainult keerukad komponendid ja uudsed tehnoloogiad, vaid ka tuntud tehnoloogiate nutikas kasutamine. Tellija on targalt adunud monteeritava betooni võimalusi hoone kandevosade kavandamisel."

Kumu Art Museum opened an exhibition titled Afterlives of Gardens, which AS E-Betoonelement will also contribute to. A concrete installation "TABLE" that AS E-Betoonelement has provided elements for has been erected on the outdoor area of the exhibition, the former site of Estonian Academy of Arts, with the address Tartu mnt 1.

The "TABLE" consists of two STT roof elements that form a 56 meter long table when placed on the ground next to each other. The concrete installation brings life and creativity back to one of the most important squares of the city. Following the launch of the KUMU exhibition on 10 May at 00:00 a.m., the table is painted and additional benches will be built to accompany it. Workshops, exhibitions, performances, film and music events, picnics and parties will take place at the art object, which is intended to be a meeting and gathering place.

The gallery and the venue will remain open until September 9.

A longer presentation of the exhibition can be found on the website of the Art Museum of Estonia, which you can find HERE.
The project was also widely talked about in the media.

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