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Martin-Sven Käärid

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Private element house advantages

A concrete single family house can be built with no inconvenient internal load-bearing walls, thanks to an open building envelope. This gives the buyers the advantage to choose from various possibilities for the interior solution, depending on their wishes and needs. The longevity of a concrete house makes it possible to supplement it in the future, thereby being a home for future generations as well.

Depending on the lot, access roads, neighbours and cardinal points, element houses can be built anywhere both in a city and in the countryside. However, providing access for vehicles transporting the elements and a crane lorry must be considered.

The envelope of an element house for single family has exterior finishing and thermal insulation in place. This makes it possible to get a roof over the house quickly and the buyers can manage the construction project for interior finishing themselves.

The E-Betoonelement offers elemental solutions for private house builder: hollow core slabs ceilings; wall elements; stairs; the foundation; auxiliary buildings


My home…

…is safe! – Concrete does not burn and is resistant to the forces of nature!

…is beautiful! – Concrete comes in various shapes and provides vast possibilities for finishing and colours.

…is healthy! – Concrete ensures good indoor climate, breaths naturally, and the foundation solution offers good protection from radon!

…has low maintenance costs! – Concrete needs minimum maintenance!

…is economic to build! – Building process is fast and the need for finishing at the construction site is little!

…lasts for years! – It is a home for the future generations and its market value does not drop significantly in the course of time!