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Advantages of an apartment house

Sound- and noiseproof
Low level of noise in living and working spaces is a sign of the high quality of the environment and the building. Noise is transmitted as air vibrations, i.e. airborne noise, and as structural vibrations, i.e. structural noise. Due to concrete’s ability to absorb airborne noise, noise level in concrete houses is significantly lower than in light-structure buildings.
It has been determined that an average reinforced concrete external wall element reduces noise level by 60 db, whereas light walls increase noise by only 30 db. Reinforced concrete elements covered with a sound-absorbent layer of concrete are being used as noise barriers along highways.
The transmission of impact noise as constructional vibrations is inevitable in most materials and the means for preventing impact noise are expensive. Constructional vibrations abate faster in massive structures.

Energy efficiency
During the life cycle of an apartment building, heating forms up to 85% of its exploitation costs. Concrete’s great thermal capacity ensures a stable and comfortable internal climate. Since the building is well insulated and weatherproof, maintenance, heating and cooling costs are lower.
Elamu energiasäästlikkust on võimalik tõsta kasutades AKTIIVLAGI süsteemi.

Durable (low maintenance requirement)
All of our products are manufactured in modern plants using the best materials. The products of E-Betoonelement are of high quality and durable.
Our three-layer façade elements consist of two layers of concrete and a layer of thermal insulation between them. The exterior façade surface is finished at the plant and does not require additional finishing at the construction site. The façade finishing that has been made at the controlled environment of our plant is durable and has low maintenance requirements.

Reinforced concrete is a fire resistant material. Two-hour and even longer fire resistance is possible when necessary. In addition to protecting your own and your neighbours’ property in the case of fire, you benefit from cheaper insurance premiums. Throughout the world, more severe fires have usually affected buildings with light structure.

Beautiful architecture
The pre-cast concrete offers the widest choice for the developer and architect to complete the finishes. Our products can exhibit natural concrete surfaces, different textures and embossments, a wide range of coatings and a wide range of color options. The endless variety of unique variations of finishing possibilities. is offered mixing together and displaying concrete with glass, steel, plastic, wood and other materials.
Long spans of floor slabs enable to create original and user-friendly interior solutions.


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