E-Betoonelement submitted two projects - Kadaka Forest Park and Mary Kay Music Studio - to the Concrete Builging of the Year 2021 competition organized by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association.

Kadaka Metsapark – Four apartment buildings at the addresses Ehitajate tee 91/1 and 91/2 and Kadaka tee 141 and 141a.
Developer: Hepsor AS
Architect: Inseneribüroo Pluss OÜ
Designer: Pikoprojekt OÜ
Builder / General Contractor: Mitt & Perlebach OÜ
Concrete contractor: ERI-Ehitustööd OÜ, Astor Invest OÜ
Concrete elements: E-Betoonelement OÜ, Narva-Bark AS, SIA Consolis Elements, SIA Consolis Latvia

Justification for the proposal:
 The Kadaka Forest Park development next to the largest park forest in Mustamäe district consists of cozy and energy-efficient apartment buildings based on element solutions. The buildings are designed for young people and families who love nature but also appreciate the comforts of a large city.

See more photos here.

Mary Kay Music Studio
Architect: Krook & Tjäder
Betoonelemendid: Consolis ettevõtted Strängbetong AB ja E-Betoonelement OÜ

Justification for the proposal: 
Mary Kay Musikstudio in Sweden was completed in cooperation with Consolis companies Strängbetong AB and E-Betoonelement OÜ. The music studio owes its beautiful and unique look to the automated concrete element finishing line used in the E-Betoonelement Harku factory. The production line that uses cutting-edge technology allowed us to produce polished and sleek wall elements for the building, as well as various structural surfaces.

See more photos here.

The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2022.

At the end of this year and the beginning of next year, E-Betoonelement will deliver elements to several apartment buildings under development by Bonava Eesti OÜ. Deliveries of elements include hollow core panels, poles, beams, partitions, stairs and balcony slabs. See a brief overview of the projects below.

Project: Järveotsa houses
Address: Tasandi 1 and Tasandi 3, Tallinn

Client: Bonava Eesti OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, partitions, stairs and balcony slabs
Sales Engineer of E-Betoonelement Olga Freshchenko
Project Manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher
The development project of Järveotsa houses includes a five-storey apartment building at Tasandi Street 1 and an eight-storey apartment building at Tasandi Street 3. These homes feature functional floor plans with large windows. New homes will be granted the energy efficiency class B. In addition to the elements produced for the apartments, the deliveries of E-Betoonelement also include a planned supply of hollow core slabs for the parking lot. Tasandi Str. 1 and 3 homes will be completed in November 2022.

Project: Järveotsa houses
Address: Astangu 23 and Tasandi 5, Tallinn

Client: Bonava Eesti OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, partitions, stairs and balcony slabs
Sales Engineer of E-Betoonelement Olga Freshchenko
Project Manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher
Deliveris to the Järveotsa houses development at the addresses Astangu Str. 23 and Tasandi Str. 5 will start in the second half of next year.

Project: Uus-Mustamäe apartment building
Address: Aiandi 9, Tallinn

Client: Bonava Eesti OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, partitions, poles, beams and stairs
Sales Engineer of E-Betoonelement Olga Freshchenko
Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Kaido Kindel
6-, 8- and 4-storey apartment buildings with a total of 99 apartments are under construction at Aiandi 9. The 1- to 4-room homes of Aiandi 9/1 six-story and Aiandi 9/3 eight-story residential buildings will be full of light and feature most comfortable floor plans. Aiandi 9/2, Uus-Mustamäe Premium is a 4-storey residential building that offers even more comfort and choices for those with more demanding taste, as these are smart apartments with various conveniently controlled functions. In addition to the supply of elements for apartment buildings, the deliveries of E-Betoonelement also include the supply of hollow core slabs for the parking lot. The homes at 9 Aiandi will be ready for move-in in Fall 2022.

Project: Pärnaõue Premium Star homes
Address: Printsu tee, Tallinn

Client: Bonava Eesti OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs and stairs
Sales Engineer of E-Betoonelement Olga Freshchenko
Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Kaido Kindel
Premium Star homes are scheduled to be completed in 2022 when the entire Pärnaõue area development should be finished.

Järveotsa Kodud - Tasandi 1 ja 3 - Bonava
Järveotsa Kodud (Tasandi 5 / Astangu 23) – Citify
Aiandi 9 - uued kodud Mustamäe kaasaegseimas elupiirkonnas - Bonava
Pärnaõue Premium Star - Bonava

In cooperation between E-Betoonelement and Oma Ehitaja, three apartment buildings of Kindrali Houses in Tondi area, Tallinn, with addresses Sammu Str. 5 / Talli Str. 4, Sõjakooli Str. 14 and 16 and Rivi Str. 6 / Talli Str. 2 are about to be completed. Deliveries for the two first apartment buildings of Kindrali Houses have been completed, and deliveries for the last or third apartment building have just begun.

Project: Kindrali Majad / Kindrali Houses
Address: Sammu Str. 5/Talli Str. 4; Sõjakooli Str. 14 and 16; Rivi Str. 6/Talli Str. 2, Tallinn.
Client: Oma Ehitaja OÜ
Architect: Allianss Arhitektid
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, interior and exterior wall elements, stairs and balconies.
Sales engineer of E-Betoonelement: Neeme Kasela
Project Manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Toomas Böttcher: the developer of Kindrali Houses is OÜ Marsi Elu, a company belonging to Pro Kapital Grupp who signed a contract with Oma Ehitaja at the beginning of this year for the construction of three apartment buildings in a residential complex. E-Betoonelement in cooperation with Oma Ehitaja has already completed two apartment buildings in Kristiine City in Tondi area, and deliveries for the third residential building have started.
Kõik kolm valmivat korterelamut on eriilmelised - Sammu tänava korterelamu tarbeks tarnisime musta exposed concrete surface, whereas the exterior wall elements with molded surfaces for the apartment building at Sõjakooli Street were painted white at the factory. The exterior wall elements of the last or Rivi Street apartment building are made in red tones due to the red pigment used, and with structural top layer due to wood floating finish.
Just like for the first two building, E-Betoonelement will also deliver for the last 5-storey apartment building hollow core panels, interior and exterior wall elements, stairs and balconies.”

Allianss Arhitektid Indrek Tiigi: "When planning the Kindrali Houses, I wanted to create a city in the middle of the city. I divided the land into human-scale quarters with boulevards between them. All buildings are clearly located on the street line and the doors open directly onto the street. The area between the buildings is designed into peaceful urban indoor parks, where the pace of movement is slow and you can relax and play between the trees and bushes. The exterior finishes of the buildings are dominated by concrete - dignified black, rustic mass-painted red and white smooth concrete. The spacious balconies and terraces are lined with cosy wood, making the Kindrali Houses a pleasant place to live."

The black and white apartment buildings of Kindrali Houses will be completed in the summer of 2022, the third or the last building will be completed thereafter.

Sources and additional information:

E-Betoonelement and Kaamos Ehitus have signed a cooperation agreement for the production and supply of concrete elements for Bulvari Kodud at Sõpruse pst 30.

Project: Bulvari Kodud
Address: Sõpruse pst 30, Tallinn
Customer: Kaamos Ehitus OÜ
Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, boards, poles, beams, stairs, interior wall elements
Sales Engineer at E-Betoonelement: Martin-Sven Käärid
E-Betoonelement project manager: Tõnu Ernits

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Tõnu Ernits: „Sõpruse puiesteele ehitatavad Bulvari Kodud valmivad E-Betoonelemendi toodetud raudbetoonelementidest - õõnespaneelidest, plaatelementidest, postidest, taladest, trepielementidest ja mürasummutavatest siseseinaelementidest. Koostöölepingu Bulvari Kodude elementide tarnele sõlmisime oma pikaaegse ja väga hea koostööpartneri Kaamos Ehitusega, kellega varasemalt oleme ehitanud nii apartment buildings, commercial buildings, as well as parking garages.
E-Betoonelement will start delivering the elements in December and finish at the beginning of next year."

Estonian "bulvar" comes from the French word boulevard, it refers to a wide boulevard by the banks of a river or sea, it often also denotes a circular street. Bulvari Kodud is located on the wide Sõpruse Boulevard, which is not directly by the sea, but is just as charming with its parks and greenery. The proximity to the city center and having all important services available close to home, such as schools, shops and shopping centers, make the location of the apartment building especially attractive

Bulvari Kodud apartment building will be completed by the end of 2022.

Read more:

Estonian Concrete Association invites to participate in the training "Reinforcement Technology" on November 4, 2021, in the hall of Tallinn Construction School, Pärnu mnt. 162, Tallinn.
The training is intended for concrete structure designers, concrete structure builders, concrete element manufacturers and construction supervision engineers.


8.40 Registration

9.00 Reinforcement technology. General principles of reinforcement. Reinforcement drawing and working joints.

Aivars Alt, TTK University of Applied Sciences, Head of Institute of Civil Engineering

10.30 Kohvi paus

11.00 Sarrustamise tehnoloogia. Vead sarrustamisel.

Aivars Alt, TTK University of Applied Sciences, Head of Institute of Civil Engineering

12.30 Discussion. Summary of the training..

Participants will receive 3.6 points of in-service training for the Estonian Civil Engineers Association.

Registreerimise vorm – 04.11.2021

Participation requires registration at the latest by 1st of November 2021.

Price of the training €75, for members of the Estonian Concrete Association €50. The price excludes VAT

Participants are required to present an EU digital COVID certificate of vaccination or recovery. Wearing a face mask is mandatory.

Free parking in the backyeard of Tallinn Construction School.

Lisainformatsioon: telefon: 648 1918, 503 6650; e-post:

Source: Estonian Concrete Association

What will be the best Estonian concrete building of 2021?

The Estonian Concrete Association and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia have announced the Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2021 contest. The aim of the contest is to raise the reputation of concrete as a domestic building material and to contribute to the development of concrete architecture, concrete technology and concrete construction.

“The Estonian construction landscape is full of brisk construction activities and many necessary buildings will be completed this year,” said Imre Leetma, the Chairman of the Estonian Concrete Association. “All completed concrete buildings will be expected to the contest.”

The contest is open to entries including:

  • - constructions – buildings and structures – that will be handed over to the client during the year 2021;
  • constructions that have not yet been previously submitted to the competition;
  • designs and proceedings may be entered as well.

The winner of the contest is the object or proceeding where a significant part has been on an enterprise registered in Estonia and on concrete materials delivered from Estonia. In selecting the winner, the professionalism of engineering and construction are taken into account, as well as the exactingness, quality, and innovation of the object.
The Grand Prix of the contest goes to the author of the winning idea. The contractor, engineer, constructor, formwork supplier, and concrete supplier will be recognized as well. See also: Terms of the competition.

The jury comprises of representatives of the Estonian Association of Architects, the Estonian Concrete Association, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement and construction journalism. The jury is summoned by the promoter of the contest.

The deadline for submissions is 3 December 2021.
The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2022.

Source: Estonian Concrete Association and Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia

Next week, 14-16 October, E-Betoonelement agricultural and environmental product team CABRO ™ will attend the KoneAgria agricultre fair in Tampere, Finland. They will introduce Acontank™ containers, which have been well received on the Finnish market.

Acontank™ farm containers are:
- with long service life (corrosion and leakproof);
– maintenance-free;
- with flexible installation: ground, half or fully reclaimed;
- taylormade: with open or covered structure;
– easy and quick to install.

The KoneAgria trade fair is a traditional event for agricultural and forestry professionals, which will take place in Tampere this autumn through an even more thorough and diverse organisation than in previous years. The exhibits of the fair include a wide range from plant breeding, animal husbandry to forestry. Machines, equipment, accessories and services - all will be presented.

Opening hours:
neljapäeval 14.10 kell  9.00 - 19.00
reedel 15.10 kell 9.00 - 17.00
Saturday (16.10) at 9:00-16:00

The CABRO ™ team is looking forward to meet you at the D138 booth on all days of the fair.

Read more abut the fair:

This year's Concrete Technology Day will be held on the 20th of October at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (Pärnu mnt 62). It is the 16th time for the Estonian Concrete Association and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences to organise the event. The moderator of the event will be Jüri Tamm, a lecturer at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences.


11.40 Registration

12.00 Opening speech

12.10 Construction of tunnels without disrupting rail traffic, Robert Sinikas, TREV-2 Grupp, Project Manager

12.50 Alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete. Martti Kiisa, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, professor

Award: Concrete Friend 2021

13.40 Coffee break in the lobby of floor IV

14.40 Results of the Õismäe concrete road test section survey. Ain Kendra, T-Konsult, konsultant

15.10 An Efficient, Economic and Sustainable way of connection precast concrete elements (in English) Trond Erik Skarshaug, Executive Director Espen Lundman Solberg, Sales Director, Invisible Connections

16.10 The joint study and accommodation building of the Narva Study Centre of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu Narva College. Peeter Tambu, Chief City Architect of Narva, adviser to the Academy of Internal Affairs

16.40 Summary of the Technology Day

Participants will receive 3.9 points of in-service training for the Estonian Civil Engineers Association.

Please submit your registration form by 14 October at the latest e-posti aadressile . Registreerimise vorm lae alla here.

Digital COVID Certificate is required to attend the event.

The participation fee is 75 euros. For members of the Estonian Concrete Association 50 euros. Free attendance for full-time students and lecturers of universities. 20% VAT is added to the price.

For more information call 648 1918 or 50 36650
e-mail: ,

Source: Estonian Concrete Association

The agricultural unit CABRO™ is building an Aconsilo™ silage storage facility at Vändra OÜ Sõõrikese farm in Pärnu County. This silo is larger and more spacious than ever, enabling to use heavy machinery of 30 tons to press the silage mass.

Kaido Kindel, CABRO™ project manager for Kaido Kindel: The soon to be completed Aconsilo™ storage at Sõõrikese farm will allow us to store more crops and forage for animals than our previous silos. Our standard silos have the construction that allows to use the equipment of up to 20 tons to press the silage, but now we have considered our customer’s special wishes and needs and built a silo at Sõõrikese farm where machinery of up to 30 tons can be used to make silage. In addition, the completed silo will also have higher-than-usual retaining wall elements with the height of up to 4 meters.”

E-Betoonelement's customers have preferred Aconsilo™ silos for decades because they are reliable and easy to build. The CABRO™ team organizes the production of silos from the preparation of working drawings to the entire required construction work – meaning, it’s a complete package. In addition, the silos are built with high-quality concrete, thus withstanding acidic silage juice. The product has all the necessary silage juice collection system, and in the future, silos based on the elemental solution can be easily expanded, if necessary

See and learn more about CABRO™ environmental and agricultural products here.

Eesti Betooniühing kutsub koolitusele Betooni kosmeetika – miks ja kuidas?", mis toimub 23. septembril 2021, Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkoolis, Pärnu mnt. 62.

The training focuses on how to achieve ideal concrete surface that meets expectations.


10.00 Registration

10.30 Authentic, purecast concrete surface ideals and reality. Kalev Ramjalg

11.15 The courage to discover and experiment. An architect's view on his creation in the context of the topic of the day. Martin Aunin

12.00 12 years of experience in Estonia and current Japan-influenced experiments. Lemmik Loopere

12.45 Lunch

13.45 Practical examples from Italy, Novacolor; Practical examples from Estonia, Lacore. Kaia Reimo

14.45 Practical examples from France, Guard Industry. Olivier Gatey; Introduction by the Estonian representative, Clean Investment. Siim Jõgi. Rene Sieberk

15.45 Discussion with lecturers and viewing samples

16.15 End of the training

Participants will receive presentation materials and lunch. Participation requires registration by 17 September 20121 at the latest. Please note! Digital COVID Certificate is required to access the training area.

Registreerimise vorm – 23.09.2021

Price of the training: €75; for members of the Estonian Concrete Association: €50 (plus VAT).

Lisainformatsioon: telefon: 648 1918, 503 6650; e-post: ,

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