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The Concrete Association has published a new guideline

The Concrete Association of Estonia has published a new guideline BÜ2-2017: Concrete and Reinforced Concrete. Specification, Technology, Quality, Conformity Assessment. It is a new, updated edition of the guideline of the Concrete Association published in 2006.

“Over the decade from the publication of the first edition of the BÜ2 there have been important changes in the legislation, standards as well as several instruction manuals of both the European Union and Estonia,” said Tiit Roots, chairman of the management board of the Concrete Association of Estonia. “Publishing the new, updated guideline is relevant and necessary in every way,” Roots added.

Authors of the guideline are Associate Professor Emeritus Toomas Laur and Professor Irene Lill of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the School of Engineering of the Tallinn University of Technology.

BÜ2-2017: Betoon ja raudbetoon. Spetsifitseerimine, tehnoloogia, kvaliteet, vastavushindamine

The new guideline is available at the Concrete Association of Estonia as well as the Estonian Building Centre.

Source: Concrete Association of Estonia